White Cat's Paw
this was made using a website called neocities, not carrd! if you'd like the code to create something similar, dont be afraid to dm me
hi i'm miles but u can also call me isa. 15 bi hispanic infp they/them but he is fine too i have adhd & bipolar disorder and im autistic. some things that i like r hololive ddlc dteam+benchtrio coding & some kpop groups. im not really in any subtwt i just tweet whatever. this is a priv and main in one i keep it really small just because its comfier, if u wanna request just dm me first so we can talk ill probably let u in. plz dont req if youre in core4twt or tweet about anyone in core 4.. other than that i dont really have a dni ill just decline if i don't want you in (don't be hurt if i dont though because i decline most reqs). i wont cw like anything (this includes like graphic nsfw lol) unless i feel like it here's my chatbox if you wanna talk/have any questions, i check it pretty frequently so you should get an answer pretty quickly! but my discord is miles#9188 if you really wanna talk 1 on 1. dont feel afraid to ask if u have a question :P art cred pixiv id 3036679
チューリングラブ /Cover【ホロライブ】